Let’s transition from the Culture of Life to the Culture of Love.

by Jean-Francois Orsini

When St. John Paul II first mentioned the Culture of Life in the encyclical Centesimus annus in 1991 he introduced the concept which he would better develop later in the 1995 encyclical Evangelium vitae.

Naturally his chief purpose was to reaffirm the long-standing doctrine of the Church that approved of any attempt to protect the lives of human beings, and especially of the unborn . Not only the unborn, but also the lives of the weak and vulnerable who might want to listen to the sirens of the euthanasia movement, let alone the decisions of physicians self-imaging as gods who unilaterally terminate the life of patients whose lives, they think, are not any longer worthwhile, should be fiercely defended.

St. John Paul II, also, probably strongly intended an implied message that all who stood against the Culture of Life, by default, were to be squarely placed in the realm of a Culture of Death.

But now the same evil that created the Culture of Death has raised its ugly head in a different domain. Members of the Democrat dominated House of Representatives have voted 80 times that the extraordinary favored children who might survive an abortion may not be kept alive by health professionals. Perhaps, playing of the fact that media is on their side, these disgusting supposed representatives and protectors of the US population are betting that the label of members of the “Culture of Death” will not really stick on them; they can shrug it off easily.

And they have apparently won this bet so far.

Since the publication of Evangelium vitae, the same members of the Culture of Death have moved the goal post in their tactical march lead by their general from Hell. They have first established a beachhead with “same-sex” marriage, then created the multiplicity of genders which led by their august authorities to the beatification of transvestites with superior rights over those of the faith population. This new “Culture” has spread, at a fascinating speed, the world over.

Now, love precedes life. God made us, gave us human beings as well as all the galloping, swimming and creeping creatures on the world, our lives out of His Love. A Culture of Love includes a Culture of Life. 

A major advantage in introducing the Culture of Love is to stop on its track and confront the infernal trajectory of the Culture of Hate which masquerades as a false culture of love. Their latest argument for promoting homosexuality and the multiple consequential warping of social institutions is that it must be done in the name of the love same sex people have for each other.

The devil’s little minions have based their argumentation for raising the status of homosexuality to the highest levels on the pretense that it should be done in the name of love. These homosexuals just happen to love some one of the same sex. We should celebrate this love and certainly not condemn it, so goes the argument. 

That argument must be confronted squarely. Evidently their definition of love is absolutely perverted. Thus, an effective result of the tactic of promoting a Culture of Love would be to reduce it to the level of nonsense that it actually is. 

The line “Fair is foul and foul is fair” appears in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Their love is actually Hate and their hate is Love. To complete the analogy, the same left stated that “family values” were forms of Hate when they are about love. 

Furthermore, George Orwell’s dystopian world is here, all around us today, whose motto is War is peace / freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength.” Orwell could just easily have added “Love is Hate; Hate is Love”.

John Maynard Keynes, a famous British economist who created the economic concept of Keynesian Economics that was long the working tool of many governments until proved to be ineffective, has also something to say in that domain of ideas: In Essays in Persuasion, he writes “I see us free, therefore, to return to most of the most sure and certain principles of religion and traditional virtue […] But beware! The time for all this is not yet. For at least another hundred years, we must pretend to ourselves and to everyone that fair is foul, and foul is fair; for foul is useful and fair is not.

Interestingly, Keynes’ political sympathies were consistently with the parties of the left in his country. Furthermore, he was a proud homosexual.

There you have it. The forces of darkness have coopted one of Our Lord’s attributes to their own selfish and perverted purposes. Let’s proclaim the Culture of Love to counter them!


Jean-Francois Orsini is a graduate of a top French business school, and has earned both a MBA and Ph.D. from the Wharton School. His latest book is “Love is God – True love; true happiness for the serious seekers”. His free website HolySpiritedArsenal.com has for objective to complete the religious education of the newly confirmed and/or poorly catechized so they can become true soldiers in the Army of Christ as the Confirmation sacrament commits them to. He is a They Third Order Dominican and past prior of his chapter.

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