THINGS THAT MATTER By E.P. UnumAugust 10, 2020
Well, it’s Monday, August 10th and it is a cloudy humid day here in the Garden State. I’ve been reflecting on what is happening around our country and started to jot down some things that seem important. Copying from Charles Krauthammer, one of the finest writers of my generation, I have called these “Things that Matter”.
Here are a few of them in no particular order, but all worthy of remembering and thinking about:
1.    I do seem to recall that President Barack Hussein Obama, in a moment of gracious generosity sent pallets of cash totaling $176 billion to the single greatest sponsor if terrorism in the world, Iran while he was in office. He didn’t seek approval of anyone, he just did it in the middle of the night, packed into pallets on an Air Force Transport Plane. Today, Democrat Senators and Congressmen are calling President Trump’s decision to issue Executive Orders to send much needed aid to hard working Americans, unconstitutional and illegalSo, on the one hand, President Obama sends cold, hard cash to the tune of $176 billion and that is deemed OK by democrats but President Trumps’ decision to break a deadlock in Congress to give financial assistance to Americans is deemed illegal. Fascinating!
2.   Just curious, but why is Paul Manafort facing some 75-80 years in prison for tax fraud, but Al Sharpton, who owes the IRS over $4.8 million in back taxes is walking around free? Could it be that Paul Manafort has a relationship with President Trump?
3.   You know, I have heard TV talking heads on Fox News and other channels say “We are all in this together”. Let me state unequivocally and without reservation that this phrase is all horse dung. Politicians, state and local government officials, governors, mayors…all of them…have not given up a single paycheck since the coronavirus crisis began. They have not had to plow under their fields or slaughter their livestock or dumped their milk. They are not faced with losing their homes or businesses nor do they stay up late at night worrying about how they are going to feed their families or pay the rent or mortgage. As they continue to initiate and enforce their insane restrictions and regulations, not one of them is suffering from their decisions. They threaten to shut off electricity and water to churches if they hold services; fine worshipers who dare to sing hymns at mass and threaten to arrest grandparents walking with their four or five year old grandchildren because they are not wearing a mask. These politicians are not now, nor will they ever be part of the “WE” in “We’re all in this together!” 
4.   For those of you anxiously awaiting the “Coronavirus Vaccine” remember this: the Flu has a vaccine and it kills on average 45,000 to 65,000 people per year. And in this ‘year of Coivid-19’ deaths from the flu have been merged with those due to Covid. 
5.   Anyone check out Oprah Winfrey lately? Oprah is “pleasingly plump”, single and super rich. You can easily find her hob-nobbing with all of the elite Hollywood entertainers and sports figures pontificating on “weight loss programs; marriage advice and income inequality!” 
6.   I have listened to and read the phrase “systemic racism” ad nauseum. It seems every speech given by Joe Biden or any democrat has that phrase in it. Well, forgive me, but if America has systemic racism, why didn’t Joe Biden and Barack Hussein Obama do something about it when they were in power. Hell, they were in office for eight years and Obama was half black, so why didn’t they fix it? Just askin’ because it puzzles me….
7.   California is one state that has rigidly enforced the wearing of masks and social distancing. Yet the number of COVID-19 infections and deaths seem to be rising in California. It does beg the question of whether or not masks are helping. Now, that might sound like heresy to the uneducated but the Coronavirus contains very tiny particles that tend to find a home on surfaces like masks. Could it be that once the masks are taken off, the virus can spread easily? In that regard, why are their no bio-hazard bins where masks and gloves can be discarded? If this virus is as contagious as it is made out to be, shouldn’t this be something our medical experts insist upon? Doesn’t this make more sense than shutting down religious services or threatening to turn off power and water?
8.   I may be wrong, but I think the media plays a major role in creating undue fear in our population in addition to fostering a climate of hatred for President Trump. And hate is a wasted emotion. It clouds judgement and unnecessary worry and anxiety. The media would do well to adhere to the age old principles of journalism: (1) Tell the truth, unvarnished and without opinion; (2) maintain independence in fact and appearance and (3) always present both sides of an issue to insure that the information is fair and balanced and does not purport to do harm. These principles are for the most part ignored by journalists today and that does not bode well for Freedom of the Press.
9.   I am reasonably certain that most Americans have witnessed with their own eyes the rioting, looting, destruction of businesses, desecration of churches and memorials; tearing down of statues and monuments and killing of police officers that has been going on in cities across the nation. So, here is a thought for all the BLM Protesters; Antifa Groups and other entities seeking to tear down rather than build: Why don’t you join the Police Academy and become the change you say you are seeking to make? Wouldn’t that be preferable to the terror you seek to impart to innocent citizens?
10.   Here is a bit of history for all of the millennials and college aged individuals who are a part of BLM and Antifa and other groups. You are by no means special. Black people have owned and sold slaves for centuries, and they are still doing it! Asian people, Middle Eastern People, Europeans, Native people all owned and sold slaves. Muslims were among the first group to bring slaves to the shores of the Americas. Everyone’s ancestors participated in slavery; it was not something exclusive to white people. So, please stop trying to make people feel guilty for things they did not do.
11.   Try to follow this simple logic with me:
*  If Hydroxychloriquine+Zinc+AZ is found to be an effective treatment for COVID-19 then the panic created by the media goes away;
*  If the panic goes away, Americans can go back to work, schools can open, gyms can open, people can go on airplanes and travel and our economy, all $22 trillion of it would not close;
*  If Americans can go back to work and lead normal lives, then there is no need for voting by mail;
*  If there is no need for voting by mail, then there is one less chance for democrats to rig the election…again like they did in 2016;
*  If democrats can’t rig the election, they will get crushed by Trump in November.
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