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Francis’ homily of April 4, 2017

Francis says that Jesus Christ “made Himself the Devil”!


The blasphemies of Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) are becoming ever more frightful. Somewhat earlier Francis made a blasphemous joke about the Most Holy Trinity (see here) during a private audience, and today we have another blasphemy to add to the ever-growing list: In his homily of April 4, 2017, Francis said that our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ “made himself the devil” for us!

To clarify right from the outset: Yes, he really said it (it’s on the Vatican web site). No, it’s not a mistranslation. And no, it’s not a misunderstanding either.

In Italy, this is front-page news already: The April 6 edition of the Italian daily secular newspaper Libero mentions it on page 1 with an article by Vatican journalist and author Antonio Socci — the man who once set out to debunk the idea that the Third Secret of Fatima had still not been fully released but in the course of his research discovered that it was indeed so.


To read the full article go to this site:

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