Do narcissists ever end up happy?
Todd Skyler
Todd Skyler, Research regarding how NPD impacts legal issues.
Answered 7d ago
When I used to drive down the street and look at all the happy people in front of nice homes and well-manicured lawns. I would used to wonder how so many people appeared to have such perfect lives.

The operative word is “appears.” So often it turns out that what I perceived from my seeing solely outside was in actuality much different than what I observed on the inside.

One of my first bosses was a stereotypical narc who seemed to have it all. In public you would think he was happiest man alive. Charming and charismatic, people really gravitated to this guy.

Once I really got to know him I felt sorry for him because he was tortured in many ways.I think this issue of how things often appear differently than they really are is particularly true when it comes to narcissists.

The narcissist that I have known seemed to be have all the trappings of success — that is if one defines “success” from a seemingly “rich” exterior.

What you are not seeing is an interior life that is barren. I think narcissists’ happiness is ephemeral. As soon as they get rooted into a new seemingly happy existence, it becomes boring or less than.

It really is a terrible curse because he may get merely a taste of happiness and shortly thereafter the chase begins on again. Also, if a person is destined to enjoy only the superficial; he or she will never have a chance to enjoy a life with depth.

Always chasing and never having, must be problematic and disconcerting. The high of “the new” is short lived.

Even if a narcissist is blessed with great looks and charisma, those things become a double edged sword because it will not be long before he begins to question if “the hangers on are parasites” simply feeding off of him.

Narcissists “seem” to be blessed and have good luck. If you knew the hell they likely go through on inside, most people would more than likely not be eager to trade places with them.

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